A Cleanse that Requires Eating? Sign me up!

On February 14, 2011


The Everyday Cleanse.  No starving or juicing here.  Just simple, delicious dishes that cleanse the system and keep you satisfied.

You keep looking online for a safe and easy jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle.  Cleansing seems like it works but the idea of fasting or juicing seems boring and painful (it is).  I’ve devised a simple cleanse derived from a combination of Chinese and Indian medicine that will not only keep you full and satisfied but also feeling freaking amazing.

I’ll introduce you to a bunch of new ingredients that will (blow your mind and then) spruce up your home cooking routines.  It’s going to be fast, easy, delicious cleansing food… that’s something to party about.

As always with the Facts come the Fun!  You will get a full, healthy meal and some hands-on experience in the kitchen but above and beyond that– Fun times are guaranteed.

details are as follows:

Who: Health Coach Quinn, AADP

What: The every day cleanse: no starving, juiceing or deprivation, just simple delicious STIMULANT and ALLERGEN free meals that will cleanse, revive and reboot your system.

  • a full healthy and delicious meal
  • welcome snack
  • beverages
  • all the recipes of the foods we will make
  • hands on experience
  • cooking demos

PLUS: the debut of a new food product line!  A brainchild created by my amazing friend Meredith and I to help you reach all your health goals even more easily.

Where: Health Coach Quinn’s apartment on the Lower East Side.  Address upon registration.

When: Wednesday March 2nd from 7-10pm

Why: Because you’re looking for a jumpstart but those cleanses you read about seem scary and painful.

How: email me at HealthCoachQuinn@gmail.com to register and save your spot!

How much: *NEW PRICING* $37 if you pay ahead OR $45 if you pay on the dayof the Party.

Other info: BYOB.

NOTE: 99% of the food used at each Cooking Party is organic, all natural and in season…only the best for you.   My recipes tend to be vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten free.  Please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions and I will plan accordingly.

And don’t worry, the recipes may be low on allergens but they are HUGE on flavor.

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