Honey, Honey. Aww Sugar Sugar.

On February 17, 2011

…sugar cleanse continuation…

This thing is hard.  So as I mentioned I cracked and ate some sweets on Valentine’s Day.  A little square of dark chocolatey goodness can do a body good, ya know! It’s a super food!

So then the plan became: get serious on the 15th.  I set the best of intentions, then somewhere, in a fog, I bought a coconut water (?!) and drank the whole dang thing before I realized “oooh yeahhhh, this is basically sugar water”.  So there you go.  I’m not perfect.

Yesterday I woke up again, completely dedicated to the idea of cleansing sugar.  I typically a dose in the morning.  Standard Operating Procedure is: some honey in my tea and a little maple syrup in my oatmeal. Both of those habits have been kicked.  But please, hold your applause.  It was at 10:30 at night, I just got home after a marathon 13 hour work day, most of which was spent 1 x 1 with clients.  I had this nagging need for a boost in the form dark chocolate that just wouldn’t got away so I gave in and gobbled up a square (or 2).  Oh well.

All things considered I still think I am on the right track.  So I’ve ammended my cleanse plan.

Step #1) REDUCE

Step #2) Maintain reduction status (no processed or natural sugars, though I will give into the occasional drink or dark chocolate)

Step #3) CLEANSE

See, it’s all about making up your own rules for this game we call life.  No judgements, just the best of intentions.  I’ll get there eventually and continue to keep you posted.


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