Makeover Your Meals. Because Diets…They’re SO Last Season

On February 22, 2011

A couple of months ago I wrote a booklet.  I just started to writing down everything I know to be true about healthy eating so that everything was in one place.

Pretty soon I will get started on the 2nd section which will delve even deeper into the complicated relationships we have with food, healthy eating, emotional eating, hunger, digestive issues, skin care, self care and being present with our foo.  Then publish part 3 which is a cook book.

Until then, this book has garnered some pretty good feedback. The New York Times hasn’t reviewed it JUST yet, but ya know… one day.  Also, fair warning, there may be some typos lingering as I self edited the book.  So feel free to send me any errors and I will correct them in our second printing.

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