Sugar Blues

On February 25, 2011

So the reason that I haven’t been blogging about this rigid sugar cleanse as often as promised is:  I’ve found it rather impossible.  It just isn’t realistic.  I can easily go weeks without drinking or having dessert but once I decided that I would avoid them it made it *that* much harder to actually do so.
Also, it’s my birthday (30 woot woot!) which requires a lot of celebrating.  Rigidity has no place in joyous occasions.  Like I always say “Birthday Cake Has Zero Calories”  and for that matter, “Birthday Cake is Sugar Free”.

I am still completely determined to reduce my sugar consumption as I’ve noticed the huge impact it has on my life most specifically in regards to brain function, energy levels, moods and weight (and honestly, what else is there?)

Now that I am 30 I will undoubtedly be more responsible and realistic about life.  The new parameters for my sugar cleanse are this:

  • NO white granulated (hidden in most processed, refined foods)
  • NO refined white flour – it acts like sugar in the body (this includes bread, pasta, pastries, cookies, donuts, pizza, bagels… you get the picture)
  • NO stevia – because it’s sweet and you want to recalibrate your taste buds to stop craving it.
  • NO sugar substitutes/ artificial sweetners– no diet drinks, splenda, equal or sweet n’ low (they are all poison anyway)
  • LIMITED natural sweeteners: brown sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar, or honey, or fruit juices
  • LIMITED alcohol (say, no more than 5 drinks a week)
  • LIMITED dried fruit (sometimes it feels right, I make sure it’s unsulphured and has no added sugar)
  • YES to fruit.  Because let’s get serious, it’s FRUIT, and fruit is good for you.

This feels MUCH more manageable and sane to me.  {Sigh}.  This is what health and nutrition is all about: creating your own rules in accordance with what feels best for your unique body.

I feel better already

2 Responses to “Sugar Blues”

  • Im glad your being less rigid about this.

    Quitting cold turkey always makes me feel deprived and then sugar is all I can think about!! Its definetly not healthy to start those eating patterns.


  • Thanks Val! Yeah, if I had a medical reason to cut it out I could definitely do so, but until then it will creep in here and there. And that’s life 🙂

    I’ve cut it out of breakfast completely which feels like a great first step.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! xoxo

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