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On April 5, 2011

5 reasons to join FITrition Deluxe:

1.  Those last stubborn 5-10-20 pounds that appeared out of no where and you want them GONE.

2.  You’ve always wanted your own personal trainer and nutrition expert just like the movie stars.

3. It was endorsed by power houses like Daily Candy and Your Bella Life online Magazine.

4.  You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You know exactly why you can’t cook, can’t work out, or can’t control you’re appetite.  You’ve tried it all before and now you want something that works. We will give you personalized attention and show you simple ways to prepare meals and work in more work outs while making your life considerably easier.  Sounds crazy.  But it’s true, that’s what we do.

5.  Bathing Suit Season.

Or, I mean, just read some of the testimonials from our last FITrition Deluxe Group:

“A mix of fun and focus, group work and private training–a great, supportive environment to change your lifestyle”                       -Anonymous

“I really like that it wasn’t about telling me what I should or had to do or when or how to do it, but more about providing all kinds of information to help me make the best decisions for me”                                                            -Wendy

“Inspiring and helpful: especially the nutrition component, which finally made my relationship with food click into place”                      -Emily

” Leanne and Quinn made this class fun and informative. They offered ideas for things that are simple to do on your own and get results. cooking does not seem like such a chore now and if I am short on time to work out I can do one of Leanne’s 20-minute workouts. Thanks!”                                                         -Tara

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