Baby’s 1st Clease!

On June 5, 2011

I’ve always been skeptical about cleanses.  The whole thing always seemed like an uber-extreme, cacamamie weight loss scheme that obviously wouldn’t work long term so what’s the point, right?

But the thing is that ALL of my clients ask me about cleanses at one point or another.  I have no problem talking to them about the merits (or lack thereof!!) of doing things like atkins, south beach, blood type diet, weight watchers, etc. because I’ve tried it ALL.  But I couldn’t in good faith have a  pro or anti cleanse stance if I’ve never even tried one.  So, it was time.

I got a newsletter from one of my mentors, Angela Minelli, who was leading a cleanse group for 2 weeks.  We would all get individual consultations with her to figure out the best cleanse for our bodies.  Within a couple minutes she determined that I was a perfect candidate for …. dum dum dummmmm: The Master Cleanse.

“Oyyyy?!!” I thought.  That’s the worst of the worst! You know, the lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper concoction?  But, I was ready to try anything.  I’m always game for an experiment and in all honesty had been feeling really run down lately.  The purpose of a cleanse is NOT really to lose weight.  Sure, that’s a great perk but the real reason to go on a cleanse is to hit the “re-start” button on your body. 

What that means is just giving your body a change to shut-down and heal itself.  If you leave your computer on for too long it will start to overheat and slow down.  Every once in a while you need to “restart” or shut down to get it back to opitmal performance.  Your body is the most complex computer on earth and every once in a while it needs a break too.

A cleanse gives your digestive system in particular the opportunity to go on vacation, which gives every other system the opportunity to take a time out and heal.

I went into the experience knowing it would be hard but hoping that I would come out with increased clarity on my health and life in general.  That was the hope, though I also thought the possibility that I miiiight just spend 3 days being really, insanely hungry.

Luckily, due to my optimism it ended up being an incredible experience on SO many levels.  First of all, I decided to cut out a lot of “junk” before even starting the cleanse/ detox.  So for 4 days leading up to “project: lemonade” I eliminated: caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, and all processed foods.

I also had a bunch of support from Angela Minelli’s group, friends and family.  I even wrangled a friend into doing the detox with me, which gave him major bonus points and added lots of motivation to stick with it!

During the three days I was amazed at how un-hungry I was.  I mean, i was drinking the “the juice”, which by the way is delicious, every 15 minutes, but at no point was I ever really hungry.  I felt clear, focused and energized.  It’s expected that you’ll eliminate physical waste from your body but the hope was also to excrete emotional waste; to get rid of all of those old feelings and emotions, like anger, guilt, and sadness that we tend to hold onto, but that don’t really serve us anymore.

To my surprise, I actually began to let go.

Self care is hugely important on a cleanse.  So I took long walks, baths, steam showers, and got a massage.  Each of these things allowed me to release toxic energy that had been stored in every cell of my body.  The thing is, environmental toxins are unavoidable, due to the type of world we live in they will always seep into our system.  But toxic emotions–they are another thing.  They have to do with stress, anxiety and our general view of the world.  They are toxins we create, and they are just as harmful as any chemical out there in the ether.

Ultimately I walked away from those three days with a lot of peace, forgiveness, and renewed vision for my future.

Sometimes it’s the things that scare you the most that have the biggest payoff in life.  I recommend doing a cleanse to anyone and everyone who is interested–especially if the very idea of it freaks you out!!

Here are some bullet points just to make it all crystal clear….

Benefits of Cleansing:

  • increased energy
  • elevated moods
  • clearest skin
  • less bloating
  • decreased cravings
  • better sleep
  • balanced blood sugar
  • more regular bowel movements
  • lowered cholesterol
  • and, yes, better sleep

Who should go on a cleanse?

If you answer YES to any one of these questions then you should cleanse.

  • Do you eat?
  • Do you breathe?
  • Are you alive?

I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that everyone answered YES to at least one…

Contact me for more information about how you can get started on a cleanse ASAP!

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