Untraditional Traditions

On November 25, 2012

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!  I spent the day just the way I wanted: in the kitchen with my family.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.  Yes, the food rules, but I also love that we have a holiday that’s all about taking time to appreciate what we have in life.

The #1 thing I’m grateful for year-round is my awesome family.  I’m truly blessed to have parents that are my bestest buds.

In the Asteak clan, we like to put our own spin on things.  We’re all about creating traditions that are not at all traditional. (tweet that!)

For instance, at some point Thanksgiving kind of transformed into the day to celebrate all the things we love most, which in no certain order include: time together, making each other laugh, crazy clothing, food.


Over the past few years we started this tradition of assigned arbitrary themes to Thanksgiving and dressing up.  Here’s how it works:

1. The day before we pick a theme

2. The day of Thanksgiving everyone runs around the house, digs through their closets (we don’t throw much away, so we all have generations of weird clothes) and comes up with a costume

3. When dinner is ready we all jump out into the foyer to reveal our costumes

4. We fall on the floor hysterically laughing at each other

5.  Then go downstairs to have a delicious meal.


It’s totally bizarre, I know. But it’s also really hilarious.

Laughing is just about the healthiest thing you can do.  Sitting down to a heavy meal after 10 solid minutes of belly laughs puts your body in a position to best digest your food and feel satiated when you’ve had enough.

Here we are a couple years ago when the theme was “Fairy Land”.

(Other themes have included: “futuristic outer space”, “jungle safari”, and “weird science”)

I would love to hear about your family’s untraditional traditions.  Tell me all about them down in the comments.

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