Five Faves: September 2013

On September 18, 2013

HCQ_five faves_september 13

Teeccino: As the warm weather fades I look forward to pulling out my wool sweaters and cozying up with a mug of something warm, rich and creamy.  Teecchino is my absolute favorite thing to sip.  It is bursting with flavor, it’s much bolder and richer than tea, yet not acidic or caffeinated like coffee.  It’s the perfect happy medium.  Want to try it?  Go to and select the “2 bag TeeChia sampler”.  You’ll get 20% off + free shipping by entering the code: TeeChia042

Clarins Self Tanning Gel:  As the warm weather fades, sadly so does the tan.  That’s why I’m totally hooked on Clarins’ Self Tanning Lotion.  It’s easy to apply, gives me a real-person glow and  even camouflages all of my left over bug bites.  The best part is that Clarins products are made with high quality, all natural ingredients.

Measuring Spoons:  How a-door-bell are these?  I’m not big of measuring when I cook.  I’m totally one of those people who gives arbitrary measurements like “pinch” and “dash” when telling others how to prepare something.  These measuring spoons are perfect for any persnickety perfectionist that needs to follow a recipe precisely.

Truffle Salt: My dream meal is all truffle everything.  Seriously.  I’m obsessed.  It’s the easiest way to get maximum flavor with minimal effort.  Add some truffle salt to your grains, greens, veggies, meats, whatever..and it instantly elevates it to the definition of deliciousness.

The Flavor Bible.  This is literally my bible.  I consult it whenever I am looking for answers to life’s important questions like “what goes well with watercress?” This tome always has my answers, and then some.  For any one who likes to cook but needs some flavor combining inspiration, this is an absolute must.

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