Five Faves: November

On November 11, 2013

HCQ_five faves_November13Brussels Sprout Season.  Seeing B-Sprouts on the stalk never gets old.  Did you know that’s how they grow? How amazing does that look?  Whether you can find them on the stalk or not, you should get some while they’re in season and  therefore at their peak of freshness.  Slice them into a yummy Truffled Brussels salad or put them in the oven for some awesome Dijon Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

The Four Agreements, $12.95. I’ve read a lot of woo-woo self-help-y books in my day and this is one of the few that really had a lasting impact.  Don Miguel Ruiz lays out four simple guidelines that we should all live by in order to live a life of integrity.  It’s a quick read, but really resonates.

Reusable Shopping Bags, $21.99 for 3 (on sale from $89.95). Hop on this mega-deal while it lasts!!!  I have these on my person at allllll times.  Think about how much plastic you accumulate as you schlep around town. And then where does it all go?  Into some deep dark abyss under your sink?!  Not cool.  Keep some of these with you and you’ll be doing a major mitzvah for the universe.

Gnossis Chocolates, Fleur de Sel, $6.99.  I kind of don’t have words for this.  It’s an exceptionally high quality raw chocolate with sea salt.  It’s like a mind melt whenever I put this in my mouth.  It’s pure goodness on every level.  Do yourself a favor and try some.  The price tag may be steep but quality is worth paying for.

Tarte Cosmetics BB Cream, $36. Gotta love a multitasking beauty product.  This moisturizes, evens skin tone, has SPF…AND Tarte  products are all healthy, eco friendly, all natural and cruelty free. Did you know that?  They aren’t all in your face about it, which I appreciate, but it’s true.  All of their products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and gluten, just to name a few.



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